Marta Jedrysko

Marta Jedrysko (1959) works with a marvellous selection of bright and warm colours. Seeing them painted in oil paint on canvas, you’ll experience an explosion of life. Being in a room full of works by Marta equals living in a summer dream.

Marta studied painting in Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, where in 1983 she earned her MFA. Since 1985 she lives and works in the Netherlands. Although her style has clearly evolved from abstract expressionism to a warm, almost impressionistic style during the years, it is neither Polish nor Dutch. She expresses her state of mind in an abstract way, but does not improvise. Recently, Marta also draws more realistic portraits that are embellished by the colourful approach that is characteristic for Marta Jedrysko. Patches of colour in the background shape her compositions and stress the details or facial expressions in the foregrounded drawing.

After the painting is done the canvas is coated with a layer liquid gloss. The idea for such a finishing treatment has already originated during her study in Poland and after many years, her wish to trap other materials between the painted canvas and this new gloss layer, has been fulfilled.

Her inspiration is often taken from a still life, human or animal figures and flowers. From this starting point she abstracts the object into her own world without losing touch with the ‘real’ world from which her object is taken. The use of oil paint on canvas is perfect for the layering of the spectacular colours she intends to show. Marta Jedrysko paints with a fluent touch with which she applies movement to the painting. The original fruit bowl becomes an ocean of emotion and the hard lines of reality fade to flows of feelings.

The artistic career of Marta Jedrysko is a growing proces in which new ideas are fed by new experiences, new ways of production and new materials. Alongside of the layering and colour strength of oil paint, a work by Marta Jedrysko now has a more vivid effect on the eye of the spectator than ever before.